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mugs & teacups

Taking over the world...one cup at a time!

Over the last couple years, my cups have reached people all over the world. It's a real treat to see how I'm not the only one who thinks like me. There's more of us out there, slowly taking over the world. Mwah hahahaha!
I'm generally a person of economy, always trying to find a smarter, cost-effective, yet sustainable way of doing something. Work smarter not harder, as they say. My interest in the green, the local, and the thrifty blossomed when I moved to Indianapolis. I love this city! It brings out so many people who help create a cultural, creative and clean city for everyone to enjoy. My goal is to continue keeping my city pretty by conserving energy, money and precious resources.

Really, it all started as a gift idea. I originally made jewelry with raw crystals and stones. Due to the market being saturated with jewelry designers, I started researching other creative outlets. My first set of mugs was for a couple of friends who were getting married. I don't buy gifts. I make gifts. I found this idea on Pinterest, went down to Goodwill and bought some white mugs. Later I thought, "Hey, maybe I could put these in my Etsy shop with my jewelry?" After some research, I found that there really wasn't anything like my cups in the Etsy market. And as they say, the rest is history!

I'm incredibly grateful for the support I've received through the Etsy community over the years. In the past, making a business from your art meant a lot of legwork for little return. Today, technology makes it possible to expand the market to anyone with internet access. I love that my mugs are being enjoyed by coffee lovers and tea enthusiasts all over the world, and I hope to spread the love for many more years to come!

Raechel Amey